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When Buying your ISR insurance ALL DRIVERS MUST buy the Sno Cross membership even the kids.
Registration For Jan 12,13 Hayward is open

For drivers that have not set up a profile and ARE ISOC members please go here Race Day setup and Set up your account. Then back out of the site before it charges you anything and send me your ISOC & Bib number to my e-mail Dan so I can add your membership in so you don’t get charged the one day fee.


For all the drivers registered for the Race Day site if you have not chosen a membership type and that is blank you will be charged a one-day membership fee when you check out. And that will be fine for the drivers that only plan on attending one or two races. Race Day


For all members that have set up your accounts and paid your membership fees simply log on to your Race Day account and register for the classes you want to enter. Race Day  .

GNSS Racing News

We are just a couple days away from the 2018-2019 Great Northern Snocross Series Opener and we have a few reminders for everyone that will help streamline registration and check-in.

Pre-registration will be open until noon on Friday.  If you are not pre-registered by that time you will need to register when you arrive Friday evening or Saturday.  We will have check-in from 6:30 to 8:00 PM on Friday and then again Saturday morning starting at 7:45.  You MUST check-in even if you are pre-registered.  Things to bring to check-in/registration:

  1.  Your ISR hard card or receipt  (if you do not have the annual ISR license you will need one in order to compete.  You have the choice between a full license or a one event license – either way you can only get these Online – do this ahead of time at www.isrlicense.com .  We do NOT sell these at the track anymore.  If you do not have one at registration/check-in you will be asked to use your phone to log into that address and purchase one.

Pre-registered racers do get a free entry pass for the weekend.  If you do not pre-register you will pay at the gate.  $25 for the weekend.  If you plan on attending just Saturday please note you will be charged for BOTH days when you arrive.  You can obtain a gate refund for Sunday as long as your request is made within 1 hour of the final main event on Saturday ($10 refund).  Your pass must be intact on your jacket – do not remove on your own or you will not be refunded.

There is an optional practice on Friday as well from 4-8 PM.  GNSS members $75, non-members $100.

Ditch Banger Racing – Doug is planning a separate night show for his Ditch Banger Series on Saturday night after the GNSS event is complete for those looking for extra track time/testing.  The track is generally tamed down but it’s a ton of fun.

Friday – gates open at 3 PM, optional practice from 4-8 PM

Saturday – gates open at 7 AM, registration/check-in at 7:45 AM, drivers meeting at 8:45 AM with practice and racing to follow

Sunday - gates open at 7 AM, registration/check-in at 7:45 AM, drivers meeting at 8:45 AM with practice and racing to follow

Bring your sleds to staging early Saturday morning for tech inspection.  Tech will also be available Friday during practice.

We may be sending out another newsletter later in the week with parking instructions.  As you know this track is in someone’s front yard and on a private air strip – we always need to respect the property owners.  DO NOT DRIVE SLEDS on the runway!!!

Digger’s will be blowing more snow as the temperatures cool down later in the week.  As of last Friday he was running a full track.

Thanks everyone, see you this weekend!!! 

ISR Insurance is now available for purchase for the 2018-2019 race season. Please purchase your license as it is mandatory to have ISR Insurance while racing with GNSS. Also, any racer from GNSS series must also have ISR insurance in order to race with ISOC. Here

Fuse Fuels is now the official Fuel of the Great Northern Snocross Series: FUSE Race Fuels have the most consistent, most powerful, and cleanest combustion in the industry.   FUSE Race Fuels only use chemical grade components ensuring each batch is produced the same as the last.  Our unleaded Race fuels are not photo sensitive guaranteeing sunlight will not attack the fuel and erode the fuels octane.   Whether you need conventional fuels, oxygenated fuels, or fuel additives we have you covered.    When you depend on power, consistency, and component life… depend on FUSE Fuels. GNSS has agreed so make Fuse Comp L110 available at the track for our racers.  A 5 gallon pail sells for $50.  We bring limited quantities so please let us know ahead of time if you want some brought to the race.  Email to make sure we have some for you on race day. 

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