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Important Derby Info Update – read in entirety

Pre-entry deadline has once again been extended to Wednesday at Midnight

There will be between one hour and one and a half hours of “paid practice” time available to snocross racers on Thursday from 2:30/3:00 – 4:00 PM.

Schedule is tentative and subject to change based on pre-entries.  All classes are listed separately but we expect to be combining some classes and stagger starting them as well as scoring them separate.  In amateur classes with 10-14 racers we will run two heats/stagger started but scored separately to avoid first turn issues.  Based on the timeframe we kept at Hayward this past weekend this schedule should not cause us any problems.

We are on a very tight schedule so racers need to come to the riders meeting dressed and ready on Saturday.  The first three practices must be in staging lanes by 7:10 AM on Saturday: so these classes need to be in staging prior to the drivers meeting at 7:15:  Lane 1 – Jr 14-15, Jr 16-17  Lane 2 – Women, Plus 30, Plus 40  Lane 3 – 120 Improved Stock

“Approximate” times listed on the schedule are just that – if they are listed as “approximate” and we are running ahead of schedule they will start earlier.  GNSS will have our FM transmitter set up and tuned to 94.1 so we can communicate with racers where we are running in the order and estimated times.  We will also be posting updates on our Great Northern Snocross Series Facebook page throughout the day to keep everyone informed of where we are in the race order.

Check-in times:

  • Thursday any time during scheduled practice
  • Friday pretty much all day until 10 PM
  • If you are competing in one of the three Friday Night Thunder classes you must be check in by NOON on Friday.
  • Bring your transponder numbers to check-in (if you do not have one you will need to rent one for $30)

Safety tech – 6-9 PM on Friday and again Saturday morning as you come through staging lanes for practice.  Safety tech will be in the pre-staging lanes.

If you are running a limited class (Transition/Jr/Imp Stock) you are subject to tech inspection at any time – make sure rev limiters/throttle blocks are in place – there will be no warnings – only disqualifications.  Tech inspectors findings are final – verify your settings before you hit the track.

Tech/protests – as a racer you will have the right to file a protest against other racers within your class.  It will need to be done in an official manner with a completed protest form and accompanied with the protest fee.

Safety gear – please make sure all your safety gear adheres to the ISR standard for ORANGE coloring.  Both coloring and percentage of coverage.

Please share with racers that you know may be interested – not everyone is on our mailing list! 

Race Order From the Derby Website

Good morning everyone. Wednesday Jan 16

SNOCROSS is back at the Derby, we currently have 4.5 times the entries they had last year!  Thank you GNSS families!  Now we really have to be on our game to hit our times!

Hoping this is my last update before taking off for the Derby tomorrow.  I first want to thank everyone for their patience with everything this year.  I truly believe working through the growing pains of a new venue (we haven’t been at the Derby for five years) will be a great thing not just for the Great Northern Snocross Series but the sport of snocross in general.  As with anything the first time is always the most difficult.  Everyone working behind the scenes on this event has been a team player more than any other year I have been involved with the Derby. 

Check-in/pit passes
Remember all racers must check-in at the registration building which is the long skinny building at the Southeast (turn two of the oval) end of the track.  This is also where your crew will need to go for pit passes, they must be present to sign waivers, etc.  Please do this upon arrival.

As I have been telling everyone, if you have a transponder that is compatible with the system they are using you may use your own.  We have been informed they are using Westhold transponders which are either Yellow or Orange.  If you do not have one of these you may want to rent one prior to arrival to speed up your check-in process.  I do not know if the transponders we used in past years for GNSS will work – I am kind of guessing they will not.

PRO LITE racers
You are more than welcome to ride both Pro Lite and Pro AM throughout the weekend.  We are trying to be realistic in what we will get for true National Pro riders and want to make the top class available to those wishing to chase some of the big money offered this weekend without jeopardizing your eligibility.  That is why the top class is called Pro AM instead of Pro Open.  Our goal first year goal is to simply have 10 “Pro AM” riders line up for Friday Night Thunder and Saturday.  We will grow things from there.

Semi Parking
I am not familiar with all of the Pro Teams – please text me with the length of your rig yet today so we can make sure we have ample parking room on the main road behind the track.  Thank you!  920-419-2863

Entry deadline/change deadline is tonight at Midnight – after which there will be a late fee assessed to any walk-in entries.

Please take a look at yesterdays updates as well, there was a LOT of important info that you will need to be familiar with for the weekend.

See you at the Derby, let’s #makethederbygreatagain, together!


When Buying your ISR insurance ALL DRIVERS MUST buy the Sno Cross membership even the kids.


For drivers that have not set up a profile and ARE ISOC members please go here Race Day setup and Set up your account. Then back out of the site before it charges you anything and send me your ISOC & Bib number to my e-mail Dan so I can add your membership in so you don’t get charged the one day fee.


For all the drivers registered for the Race Day site if you have not chosen a membership type and that is blank you will be charged a one-day membership fee when you check out. And that will be fine for the drivers that only plan on attending one or two races. Race Day


For all members that have set up your accounts and paid your membership fees simply log on to your Race Day account and register for the classes you want to enter. Race Day  .

ISR Insurance is now available for purchase for the 2018-2019 race season. Please purchase your license as it is mandatory to have ISR Insurance while racing with GNSS. Also, any racer from GNSS series must also have ISR insurance in order to race with ISOC. Here
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