GNSS Sponsorship Page

To help with expenses this year we have come up with a GNSS sponsorship plan   Please look this over and let me know if you or some one would be interested in becoming a GNNS sponsor.

Please e-mail me Dan

PDF copy is available here

Great Northern Sno-X Series Prices 2020-21
Sponsors Packet Price Track Banners

Web Link GNSS

Sponsor Page

Spot on Groomer

Sponsor Board

Logo on Plaques PA Announcements at each race Web Link Main Page Race Class Season Sponsor
Major Sponsor Gold $800.00 4 1 1 1 1 1 1
Major Sponsor Silver $400.00 2 1 1 1 1    
Major Sponsor Bronze $200.00 1 1 1        
Sponsorship Details
Track Banners will be displayed at every track 
Race Class Sponsor (Pat's Skidoo Sport Class) for the season 
Web link will be a link or page to your choosing to advertising your Business
Groomer Banner will be on the back of the groomer and go to all races that GNSS needs our groomer
Logo on Plaques will be 1,2,3 Place in every race.
Pa Announcements at all races