Saturday Results

Sunday Results

Diggers Doug's Salem WI.

YOU MUST GET YOUR ISR INSURANCE FIRST ISR INSURANCE HERE we do not sell it at the track it MUST be purchased Online

Sunday Dec 27 10-2

Friday Jan 1 Practice at Diggers Doug's 12-4

January 2-3, Digger Doug's first race

We have posted the first two races for the season and here’s and update of the procedures you will need to follow.

  1. YOU MUST GET YOUR ISR INSURANCE FIRST, we do not sell it at the track it MUST be purchased Online. Go to our website. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE, DO IT NOW!
  2. When you get this insurance, you will fill out a waiver Both adult or Minor and return it to ISR. That is your season waiver. Minors only need to have that one with the ISR. We don’t need you to send one to the GNSS like in the past.
  3. Once you have your Insurance please log on your GNSS race day account and enter your insurance number in your profile. There is a spot there for it. If there is one there already, delete that one and enter the new one.
  4.  Now you can go to Race Day and register for the races. One change this year is you will be able to register for both days at the same time. Look for the two tabs Saturday and Sunday.
  5. Now that your registered you can go to the Smart Waiver link. Everyone must sign, crew, racers, fans, sponsors, etc. Once you complete it, they sent you an email link that you can pull up on your phone when you enter the gate.
  6. When you get to the gate, have your phones out to show the Smart Waiver link on your phone. Pay the admission fee, of $25.00 for the weekend. All drivers will be required to buy a gate pass. Non-Racing kids under 12 will be free. You will receive a zipper tag like in the past.
  7. Now you must check online to make sure you are registered in the right classes, we will post on our website a list of racers entered, and classes entered, after 6:00pm, then you are done. If you have to change classes, you need to check in the scoring trailer. We should have a list posted outside of the trailer also.

Friday Practice times will be posted when we get closer to the race
Saturday Morning any additional registration will be held in the trailer. 7:00-8:45 If for any reason you cannot register Online please call me 920-918-4043.
Drivers Meeting is at 8:45 all must attend. Practice will be after that.
Safety Tech will be held during practice on Friday and at 8:00am in staging Saturday morning.
Sunday will be the same schedule.
“Race Day Note” If you have to add a class on Saturday or Sunday unless you pay cash, you will have to go on Race Day to use a Credit Card to do that, so think ahead, it’s easier for me to refund your entry fee. And I cannot refund the Credit card fees from race day.
RACE DAY Error: for those that are entering Sunday Junior Girls 9-13 it listed as $90.00 it should be $55.00 that my mistake, I will refund the $35.00 to you and will watch for them to come in.
Please Print out your Race day receipt and bring it along with you, that will make it easier if you must change something.

Smart Waivers

Everyone must sign, crew, racers, fans, sponsors, etc Complete via email link that is sent to you and have proof pulled up on your phone when you enter the gate.


Admission will be $25.00 for the weekend

Race Day Registered for Jan 2-3

Race Day By Class for Jan 2-3

Hotel Information

7220 122nd Avenue
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53142
United States