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Connor Beissel #816 Link To Race Day info

Hello, My name is Connor Beissel.I live in Winter, WI and am currently 17 years old.  I ride a 2020 Ski-doo 600rs. My race number is 816. 

In the summer my dad and I farm, and run about 1400 acres of corn, soybeans, and oats. We also do some custom work as well. It keeps us pretty busy. Once winter comes around, and all the crops are harvested, thats when race season starts. This year will be my 8th season racing, and my third year racing for Ski-doo. Most weekends were racing throughout the winter. I run both the ISOC National circuit as well as the GNSS regional circuit. I'm constantly gone from school racing. I have to say my favorite thing about racing is flying through the air. Thats what makes me smile. 

My crew in the past has been usually just my father and I. This year I was fortunate enough to have a friend from home come along to some of the races and give me a hand, as well as a fellow racing buddies mechanic has been helping me as well. 

Some of my highlights are winning three Eagle River world championships. As well as winning 3 points championships for the GNSS circuit. 

Season Bennett #22 Link To Race Day info

My name is Season Bennett and I am 21 years old. I race a 2018 Polaris IQR 600 sled in the women’s class. This is my second year of racing snocross and my first year racing snocross with my own sled. I started racing last winter when Pete Schoetz was kind enough to let me try a race and got me hooked into the sport. I was somewhat familiar to the feeling of jumping a heavy machine like a snowmobile from my experience of racing in the pro ATV MX Nationals for the Women’s class (WMX) and Production C. At my first race at Digger Doug’s last year I took 3rd and a podium finish for my first ever snocross race and for my first time ever racing and trying snocross because I did not have my own sled last year and never got to really practice because I didn’t own a sled. I don’t have too much to say for snocross experience or accomplishments because last year was my first year but I have been racing quads (sport atvs) for going on six years now and am actually in the MX VS ATV All Out video game as a pro racer and actually was able to get such an awesome once in a lifetime opportunity due to the way I represent myself and my racing. I also started doing freestyle with my neighbors this summer who are pro fmx riders and do shows all over the country. So I hope this winter to set a record of being one of the first females to jump a snowmobile off a fmx ramp. I find this especially awesome because this past summer I was diagnosed with Autism after being told I have severe ADHD and being misdiagnosed for how many years. Anyways, it’s cool to be able to say that no matter my disability, that I am still able to accomplish so much and be so fearless in my racing as well as raise awareness for autism as I do what I love most and show people that anything is possible no matter your disability or what others say because the sky is the limit.


Bentley Barian #77

Trevor Bazan #03

Blake Beatka #119

Jordan Biese #228

Reece Bollmann #4

Adam Bolton #23

Noah Bosker #672

James Blunt #719

Hailey Jo Brown #112Y

Joseph Brown 3 #872

Larsen Brown #111

Joseph Brown Jr #830

Janiece Brown #553


Sam Carlson #230

I’m an electrical apprentice with Faith technologies. I started racing about 4 years ago down at digger Doug’s banger-x with a 1999 zl 440. I purchased a Sno pro 500 as a trail sled and realized I could race in the jr. 16-17 class. So that’s what we did. We progressed these past years and now racing a 2019 arctic cat race sled. Carlson Racing is sponsored by Berrada properties, SWAG promotions, Arctic Cat, and Woodys traction. My crew chief/mechanic is my uncle Casey. We have been trail riding since I was 2 and started racing when I was 14.




Alexander Dahl #715

Ok, so a little about me...I grew up working all my summers off of school in my Dad's auto repair shop, Jay's Auto Repair. I currently operate my own auto and marine detailing business, A.D. D-Tail. I also am a production supervisor for a pressure sensitive label coating company, Wausau Coated Products. My family was big into snowmobiling throughout life. We used to trail ride as much as possible. I was fortunate enough to be able to snowmobile to school even. Got into racing as a young teenager. I was the driver for a snowmobile racing team that did strictly radar runs and drag races on ice. We were a very successful team in multiple classes. From there I had moved over to be pit man doing snocross in the USSA/WSA days for my Dad's mechanic, Andrew Lang. The team let me compete in a few races every now and then and from there I was undoubtedly hooked. After about a 14-year span of being out of the racing world, I decided to get back in due to snocross being something I missed most in life. At this point I was 33 years old, so it was now or never to ride at a highly competitive level. Last year was my first full season at it and I was able to stay healthy enough to compete the whole season competing in 2 classes, sport and Pro Am +30. I plan to race the same classes in the GNSS regional circuit this year, as well as race in 4-5 national events. My parents have been coming to most of the events to help me out in the pits and they make it possible to bring and keep tabs on my 4-year-old son. I also get never ending help and support from my girlfriend Lydia, who does anything she can to support me and my love for the sport. I plan on staying in the sport by bringing my son into it and having him race when the time comes.

Devin Denman #972

 I'm 28 by my 3rd season racing snocross,  sponsors are Brown Brothers racing arctic cat stud boy fox shocks C&A pro skis Denman Racing

Jacob Daniels #236

Noah Daniels #237

Andy Doll #889

Scott Doll #217

Jamin Donath #128




Joseph Frederickson #31

I started my snocross racing career much later than others starting only 3 years ago. It started by mainly trail riding, my dad owned a landscape company and me and my brother worked for him, so our summers were booked, so we spent our winters trail riding. I always had a thing for race sleds so the first sled I bought to trail ride was a 2004 Pro XR 440, then a 2014 IQR. Well to our benefit, my father owning a landscape company meant we had a lot of equipment to use to our advantage and soon we started building our own snocross track and racing each other. Therefore after a few winters I figured it was time to race, I raced at Digger Doug’s “Banger X” and fell in love with the sport. The next season I began racing with the GNSS series, getting 3rd in seasons points for the Novice class, I am looking forward to racing the sport and sport lite class.  This would not be possible without my dad! He helps with the costs, building the practice track and helps with advice on and off the track. I also must also thank my mechanic Aaron Mesching, putting in the time and effort weekly in the shop making sure the sled is ready to go for race day. Lastly this would not be possible without the support from all my sponsors, friends and family.

Owen Falk #280X

Brenton Fleming #43


Since Dad, Travis, is very busy managing projects for Hoffman Construction during the warmer months; snocross racing naturally was the prefect fit for the Giese family. After receiving 120 Arctic Cat snowmobiles for Christmas when they were just 6 and 4, brothers Landon and Lane quickly had enough of riding in the fields and wanted to go “win races.” Dad did a little digging and soon he had Landon signed up for his first GNSS Race in Turtle Lake. After learning how important it was to keep the sled upright and stay on the race track, Landon went home with his first ever snocross trophy. A racer was born. After seeing the gigantic trophy from Eagle River and how much fun older brother was having, Lane couldn’t stand it and begged his Mom to let him go racing too. Hesitant for her children’s well being and safety, (the waiver was scary), Mom (Robin), eventually joined their quest for speed and signed Lane up.
It wasn’t long and Dad was speeding up their sleds, ever so slightly at first, so Mom wouldn’t notice. And they were hopping on bigger and faster models. Soon both boys were moving on from Improved Stocks and racing Pro 206, 200 Stock, and Transition. Younger brother, Lochlan (6), was old enough to join the team last year and makes up the 3rd L in L3 Racing. Now we eventually might add an E for baby sister Elowen (2), but for now she is happy being a Princess.
Landon is currently a 2x back to back National Champion on the 200 Stock as well as a GNSS series, World, and State Champ on the same sled. He has really set the bar high the last two years for the rest of his competitors. He has earned many National podium finishes in the Nationals where he even got to do live interviews. He has grown so much throughout the last 6 years racing and is quite an incredible young man. This season he plans on working on beating his friends on the transition and letting a new group, including both young brothers, take over the 200 Stock. He really enjoys playing on his Jr High Football team as well as watching football, raises chickens, works with both Grandpas as their right-hand man, loves to read and take in all the information his brain can hold, takes care of his new puppy, and hangs out with friends and family.
Lane is also starting his 6th year racing and is a 2x Pro 206 World, GNSS, and State Champion. He’s been a rocket on the 206 that no one can catch, earning him the nickname, “Fast Lane.” He has also had success on the 200 Stock placing 3rd and 2nd in National Points the last two years. He always has his brother turning his head to see if he will make the pass. Landon and Lane racing side by side has everyone on the edge of their seats, and is a favorite of race director Scott Biese who always jokes about them while announcing races. They don’t know it, but they have fans all over the country. Lane will also be mastering his skills entering his second year on the transition sled. In the off-season Lane can be found swimming, building things, yes with real power tools, playing sports with his brothers and friends, working out, drawing, taking care of his puppy, and being Mom’s “go to guy.”
Lochlan is super excited to be in his 2nd year racing and getting a new 200 Stock this season. You can find him anywhere at the track, he will be the handsome friendly little guy with the captivating smile on his face. With his big heart and personality, it’s no wonder that everyone that meets him is smitten. Cannot wait to see what crazy adventures are in store for him this year. Loch is an endless bundle of energy when he’s not on the racetrack. He keeps busy playing sports with his brothers, working with his Dad on Grandpa’s farm, inventing things, riding bike, swimming, playing whatever his little sister tells him too, drawing and writing stories.
L3 racing and the Giese family are very thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to see the country while being a part of a wonderful sport we love. We cannot thank our sponsors, race family, and all who work so hard, without you none of this would be possible. Thank you!!!

Dillon Gagliano #401

My name is Dillon Gagliano. I live in Eagle River, Wisconsin, and I am 21 years old. I have been racing snowmobiles since I was 5. I first started out racing ovals, but after a few years I got bored of going in circles. My dad would catch me trying to jump my oval configured Polaris 120 race sled, and one day he finally asked if I would rather race snocross. Obviously, I said yes. Today I use the number 401 and ride a 2019 Polaris AXIS 600R.

During the week when I am not racing, I am a power-sports mechanic in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at Land O’ Lakes Recreation. It is cool being able to both work on and ride snowmobiles, and I believe that is why I have a good connection with the sled. While racing, I know what my machine needs to perform as I have the knowledge of how the snowmobile operates. I catch a lot of grief at work as we are a Ski-Doo dealer and I am a Ski-Doo certified technician, but I’ll stick with my Polaris.

This year I am moving up to the Pro class in the GNSS Regional circuit as I had an amazing season in the Sport class last year with winning both the State Championship and the Overall points for the year. I am very excited to finally compete at the Pro level as I have been racing for 16 years and I am so close to reaching my goal.

I must give a lot of credit to my father who also races in the 40+ class. He has given me so much support through the years and he is always there throughout the highs and lows. He is always pushing me to get better and always has wisdom to share with me. He helps me in so many ways, whether it’s riding advice, prepping my sled for a race, or helping me make some last-minute adjustments. I am very thankful for his support and there is no way I would be where I am today without him.

Snowmobiling is an amazing sport where riders can get the thrill of racing on the track or the peace of riding on trails. I hope you share the same passion.


Michael Gagliano#181

Connor Gochanour #199

Matt Greenwood #199x

Corbyn Gutbrod#66




Josh Luchini #378

Well I am 25 and I work full time at A1 radiator and auto repair as an automotive technician and I have dreamed about racing Snocross since I was a little boy. I’ve been racing Snocross now for 5 years with 2 GNSS championships and finished 2nd in points in pro lite class it’s going to be my 2nd year in the pro lite class this year. I’ve had amazing help and support from so many friends family and sponsors but the one who is always by my side is my girlfriend Mindy it wouldn’t be possible to race Snocross, work full time, training in the gym, Paying for a mortgage and daily life, and maintaining a healthy relationship without her sacrifice, commitment, support and drive to push me and be there for me I honestly can say I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her support! Along with so many others!! As far as my crew the last few years it’s just been me and Mindy, I’m the racer, rig driver and mechanic. Mindy is my marketing manager, hotel booker and band aid nurse lol! It isn’t much but we always seem to make it work and have fun doing it! In the off season of Snocross I am typically super busy working like most people but whenever I’m not working, I’m usual hitting the gym and riding motocross to keep me conditioned for Snocross!




Mckaylee Meyerhofer #890


I’m a student and Waterford union high school I am 15 years old I’ve been racing snocross since I was 5 years old I’ve won multiple championships in 120 classes junior classes and pro women classes at glx and Gnss



Austen Madison #41

Patrick Mcnamara #9

John Meyer #186

Keagin Metz #220

John Milbeck #269

J.T. Morris #777




Brian Petersen #112

Name: Brian Petersen
Age: 25
Years racing: 20
Sponsors: Lakeland Powersports, Incredible Bank, Dootalk, Goodwin Performance, Ski Doo, Big Kid Powersports, Fly Racing, Rox Speed FX, Stud Boy, C&A Pro Skis, KRM Enterprises, Carbide Savers, 213 Parts, Mainway Solutions, XPS

What should we know about you and your team?
At 25 years old, I’m probably one of the oldest racers in the pro lite and pro classes at the GNSS regionals. My team consists mostly of my family and some close friends like Jared Burba and Ben Paderta, who travel with me to all the regionals. We’re a small crew, but with some larger sponsors like Lakeland Powersports, Incredible Bank, Dootalk, and Goodwin Performance, we’re able to be as competitive as possible.

What do you do for a living?
Racing has always been my passion, but the expenses add up quickly when you’re traveling the country chasing both regional and national series. To help cover the costs of racing, I work year round as a business systems analyst. While it’s not as exciting as snocross, the organizational and critical thinking skills transfer over to racing quite well!

What are some highlights from your racing career?
The accomplishment I’m most proud of actually came at the Duluth national this season. I was coming back from being landed on the previous season and with only two days of practice under my belt, I was able to win the Sport class against a full field of supported riders. Another accomplishment I am proud of is winning the Adam Muesegades Memorial Race in 2018 and 2019 en route to both the pro lite and pro championships on the GNSS series. Taking part in special events such as that one will always be a priority as long I am racing.


Ben Paderta #104

Trenton Peterson #28

Tyler Poker #410

Peyton Poker #310

Cassandra Plaski #616




Pete Schoetz #169

Well started with scotty being a flagger in 2009. I then realized i wanted to race. So in 2010 i bought my first new  Arctic cat 500 Sno Pro to race.  I raced an Arctic Cat for 4 years. I race the Plus 40 class. I raced as a privateer till in 2014 i might Jeff Thompson. In winter 2014 and switched to Polaris and have raced for Fort Fremont since. I love entertaining the crowds because without them we have no audience. I also have been shooting picture for all GNSS events since 2009. In the summer i shoot motocross for Scotty's moto series. My love of action sports drives to to race amd as long as i can do it i will. I will be shooting exclusive pictures for Woodies Racing this winter on the nationals level.

Mathew Schirmer #268

Ezra Slatner #297

Trent Smazal #282


Teegan Truttmann #888

Hi my name is Teegan Truttmann, I live in Algoma, WI. This will be my 7th year racing! I am racing a 2019 Ski-Doo 600RS. During the off season I am active in baseball, football and grass drags. I also enjoy fishing and hunting with my family. I like that we are busy because I miss my friends from sno-x in the summer. Being involved in Sno-x has been a great experience, I have my friends on the side lines cheering me on and giving me pointers! They are more like family if you think about it!

My biggest accomplishment was not just for me but for our entire team being recognized as team of the year!


Adelyn Thompson #720