ISR Insurance is now available for purchase for the 2018-2019 race season. Please purchase your license as it is mandatory to have ISR Insurance while racing with GNSS. Also, any racer from an GNSS series must also have ISR insurance in order to race with ISOC.
2018 Competition Licenses required for all ISR sanctioned events are now available on-line for registration by drivers and crews.
All drivers MUST BE pre-registered prior to any competition laps in an ISR affiliated event. Annual Competition Hard Cards will be mailed directly to you once you have completed your on-line registration.  
Beginning last season, Annual Hard Cards are no longer available for registration at the event. Additionally, all registrations, including single event passes, are required to be completed on-line prior to the start of competition. This change was mandated by the insurance partner to assure all riders are in the database of eligible drivers prior to the start of any competition. This also greatly assists the promoters in the event registration process by having your ISR Competition License already completed and in hand prior to the event start date.



All Racers need The Sno Cross license